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Meet Our Team

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Disability Sports – Riding

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Disability Sports – Cycling

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6-Episode YouTube Series

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Electronics For Industry

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Global Fitness Brand Profile

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National Brand Profile

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Sharing An Investment Story

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Employee Information Campaign

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Promoting Cross Selling

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Digital Channel Advertising

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Sharing A Live Event

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Scientific Vaccine Animation

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Launch Of In The USA

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Monthly Employee Broadcast

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Filming Quality: RED vs Canon

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We compared our RED Epic camera to the more typical Canon 5D that is used by many production agencies; with the RED Epic a clear winner for every parameter including colour correction; image resolution, dynamic ...

Things To Think About

You Had Better Watch Out!

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Our Technical Superiority

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G is for Grading

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This is a great example of the importance of grading


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This is a great example of a brand using their YouTube channel to host their TV campaign and also 'branded content' that they in addition, deploy across social media

Lenny’s Garage

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This is a lovely example of how to tell a real life story. The story is simple, yet the way in which the audience is invited into Lenny's life creates an instant trust and interest in what Lenny has to show and say.

Loki Lego Launcher

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This is a really great mini documentary from two inspiring young girls. This film is shot in a humble way, which helps to focus the attention of the view onto the findings and content within the film.

Channel 5 Idents

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We love the simple ideas and creative execution of these three idents.


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M&S have done it again!

The Guardian

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This a very artistic piece, using a carefully composed combination of 2D and 3D animation. See the making of here:


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We really like the style of this short 'home movie' style documentary. There is a story follow, beautiful images, realistic sound design - This film has everything to be a successful and engaging piece.

Simple Sales

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We were inspired by the way this piece looks simple and clean, but clearly had a lot of time spent on designing and staging each shot.

IKEA – Live Wonderful

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We were utterly charmed by this piece from IKEA. This concept really helps to back up their advertising statement of putting the fun back into the kitchen, having family time in the kitchen and not seeing it as a plac...

Relax – It’s an AVX

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We were really impressed with this simple and creative idea to highlight the benefits of this latest product. The sound design is intricate, thought of in great detail and highlights the quality of the product being d...

Internet – What Do We Do Next?

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We really like this clear and colourful animation - This is a really good example of educating an audience about big ideas and what the future could look like.

Google Spotlight Stories

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Looking at new and innovative ways to film, creating immersive and interactive experiences.

Looking for Adam

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This is a lovely example of a great character portrait and an organic way to get a real personality across.

The Man That Turned Into An Elephant

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Here is another great example - using animation this time - of how important the use of sound is within a film. No words are spoken, and with the expressions on the characters face harder to identify, sound enables th...

Let’s Talk Sound

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Take a moment to absorb the story here and notice how much of a part intricate sound design has to play in telling a story, alongside beautiful images.

An Object At Rest

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This animation is beautiful, and is a really great example of how an audience can relate to something that could be considered mundane, and how story and emotion can be shown even without the use of words.


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We are lost for words - Brilliant


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This is a clever advert that really captures the eye of the audience. The bold colours, gleaming textures and wacky inventions contrast perfectly with the sleek and classy look of the Skoda Octavia, making it stand ou...


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Take two minutes, a full screen and put your headphones on and turn the volume up for a truly hypnotic experience. This short film is a brilliant example of time lapse and beautiful imagery