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Meet Our Team

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Disability Sports – Riding

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Disability Sports – Cycling

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6-Episode YouTube Series

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Electronics For Industry

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Global Fitness Brand Profile

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National Brand Profile

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Sharing An Investment Story

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Employee Information Campaign

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Promoting Cross Selling

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Digital Channel Advertising

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Sharing A Live Event

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Scientific Vaccine Animation

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Launch Of In The USA

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Monthly Employee Broadcast

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Filming Quality: RED vs Canon

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We compared our RED Epic camera to the more typical Canon 5D that is used by many production agencies; with the RED Epic a clear winner for every parameter including colour correction; image resolution, dynamic ...

Things To Think About

You Had Better Watch Out!

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Our Technical Superiority

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How to Win a BAFTA

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BAFTA WINNER 2016 - Best British Short Film


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This is a fantastic combination of stunning images, crisp timing and excellent sounds design. A really great piece of work

Making a Home

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This is a really great advertisement from Homebase - We really like the way it creates emotion and uses it to sell a lifestyle rather than just a mundane product. A triumph.

100 Paintings

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A really smart way of showcasing multiple items in a short space of time

The Single Frame

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A very nice portrait of the work that goes into a single frame.

Slow Motion

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This ultra hd video shows of slow motion cinematic with amazing visuals.

Cinematic Visuals

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This cinematic video shows off the amazing visuals of Costa Rica.

Inspiration for Business

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This motivational video uses cinematic and trailer style scenes and editing to create an inspirational video, this style would be perfect for a business movement.


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This is a fun advert for an energy drink, the creators use comedy in this video which will make people remember the ad.

A View From Above

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Emirates have made a really lovely series using fantastic drone footage of some of the most beautiful places on Earth. We thought we would share Ireland with you - It is amazing what sits right on our doorstep.


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We really like the way this advert uses American enthusiasm/language vs British reservedness to create humour and engagement


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This is a really great example of dynamic and capturing VFX, along with artistic sound design to compliment the visuals.

Let It Snow

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A combination of beautiful images and fantastic sound design, creates a truly cinematic experience.

The Beatles

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We really like this animation - it is bold, bright, full of energy and a great example of telling a story or giving out a message, by not being direct, literal and to the point in the writing.

Stop Animation

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We really like this piece. It tells a great story and we really like the use of stop animation with real people - it is a really great style for this story.


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This is an excellent example of an animation that ticks all of the boxes. The combination of sound effects, colours, textures and interactions on screen all combine to create a truly brilliant piece of work. Bravo!

Dubstep Omelette

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We love the way this has been shot - The dubstep really adds to the depth of the movements

Curves of Iran

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There is a great deal of beauty in this short film. The choppy transitions, contrasting with the 'Curves of Iran' help to keep a good pace and adds to the journey through the film.


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This is almost like a journey through a 3D pop up book - We found the visuals and the concepts inspirational.

Vintage Book Covers

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This is a simple and effective creative vision. We love animation, and this is a great example of how it ca be used as a tool to add interest even to the most simple of concepts.